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Military, Defence and Security

The Ultimate Tyre Protection for Military and Combat

Developed to provide maximum sealing capabilities when safety is the primary concern. Our most advanced grade sealant is formulated with the strongest fibres and materials possible. Designed to withstand the most extreme and hazardous conditions, it's unparalleled sealing properties ensures zero downtime against bullets, shrapnel and debris.

Lightweight and functional for maximum manoeuvrability and insertion. Ensure the safety of the occupants and the operator as they are not left stationery during dangerous situations.

Available under standard NATO ordering procedures, the product is currently being used in the MINUSMA missions in Mali, Africa.

Unparalleled Tyre Defence

Tyre Defence

Safety is the law, eliminate downtime in the field and protect what matters most

Lightweight and Versatile


No compromise on weight and manoeuvrability for optimum mobility

Non-Flammable and Non-Toxic


Safe for air transport and formulated to comply to all military standards

Easily Installed and Cleaned

Easy Installation

Advanced Glycol water based composition for simple installation and cleanout

Maximum Protection for Maximum Safety

Light Tactical Vehicle

Light Tactical Vehicles

Avg. volume required per tyre

  • 12 inch - 500 ml
  • 14 inch - 600 ml
  • 16 inch - 700 ml
All Terrain Vehicle

All Terrain Vehicles

Avg. volume required per tyre

  • 9 inch - 450 ml
  • 10 inch - 500 ml
  • 12 inch - 600 ml
High Mobility Military Vehicle

High Mobility Multipurpose Vehicles

Avg. volume required per tyre

  • 36/R16.5 - 800 ml
  • 37/R16.5 - 900 ml
  • 37/R17 - 900 ml
Armoured Personnel Carrier

Armoured Personnel Carriers

Avg. volume required per tyre

  • R18 HD - 800 ml
  • R19 HD - 900 ml
  • R10 HD - 1 Litre
Heavy Tactical Vehicle

Heavy Tactical Vehicle

Avg. volume required per tyre

  • AT 9 NHS - 1.5 Litres
  • AT 12 NHS - 2 Litres
  • AT 14 NHS - 2.5 Litres
Patrol Vehicle

Patrol Vehicles

Avg. volume required per tyre

  • 18 inch - 1.1 Litres
  • 20 inch - 1.3 Litres
  • 22.5 inch - 1.5 Litres

Military Grade


28mm Sealing Capacity

28mm Sealing Diameter

Propylene Glycol



Indefinite Shelf Life

Water Soluble

Non Toxic

No compromise on mobility

Protection against




Large Bolts


Barbed Wire


Insertion instructions

Industry Grade Tyre Sealants and Puncture Resistant Solutions

Your tyres, now invincible. The strongest tyre sealants for the strongest applications

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