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The Off-Road Fun Never Stops

Designed and perfected for the harsh outdoors. Our off-road sealant gives you the protection to go where you have never gone before. Whether an enthusiast, professional, or even the casual weekender, never let a flat tyre get in the way of the fun. Recommended for mountain bikes, endurance racing, motocross, quad bikes, golf-carts, ride on lawnmowers and safari vehicles.

Instant Puncture Repair

Instant Puncture Repair

Instantly and permanently seals punctures so you will always be in the race and never stranded

Push Beyond the Limits

Go Anywhere

The confidence and ability to explore and go where you have never been before

Water Soluble and Tyre Friendly


Our glycol non-latex sealants will not stick to the rim or tyre, and are simply cleaned out with water

Lasts the life of the tyre

Life of the tyre

Our sealants remain effective for life of the tyre and will not dry up so you can get the most out of your tyres

Never Down, Never Out!

Mountain Bikes

Mountain Bikes

Avg. volume required per tyre

  • 24 inch - 140ml
  • 26 inch - 160ml
  • 27 inch - 170ml
Quad Bikes/ATV's

Quad Bikes / ATV's

Avg. volume required per tyre

  • 9 inch - 400ml
  • 11 inch - 550ml
  • 12 inch - 600ml
Dirt Bikes

Dirt Bikes

Avg. volume required per tyre

  • 16 inch - 300ml
  • 19 inch - 400ml
  • 21 inch - 400ml
Golf Carts

Golf Carts

Avg. volume required per tyre

  • 8 inch - 600ml
  • 12 inch - 800ml
  • 15 inch - 900ml
Safari/Game Viewing Vehicles

Safari/Game Viewing Vehicles

Avg. volume required per tyre

  • 7.5x16C - 1.8 Litres
  • 205R16C - 1.9 Litres
  • 7.5R17 - 2.1 Litres
Ride On Lawnmowers

Ride On Lawnmowers

Avg. volume required per tyre

  • 6 NHS - 500 ml
  • 8 NHS - 800 ml
  • 9 NHS - 1 Litre

Off-road Grade


18mm sealing capacity

18mm Sealing Diameter

Propylene Glycol

Water Based

Lasts life of the tyre

DIY installation

Simply washed out

Environmentally friendly

Corrosion Inhibitor

Indefinite Shelf Life

Water Soluble

Non Toxic

Non Flammable

Protection against

Nails and Screws

Small Bolts


Sharp Rocks




Insertion instructions

Industry Grade Tyre Sealants and Puncture Resistant Solutions

Dominate your world! The strongest tyre sealants for the strongest applications

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