Offroad Heavy Duty Tyre Sealant

NoMorePunctures Premium prevents flat tyres in tube and tubeless tyres


  • Reduces air loss due to tread punctures by 90%. Kevlar Fibres create the strongest puncture repairs
  • Protects rims against corrosion
  • Helps to maintain tyre pressure and conditions the casing resulting in extended tyre life
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic
  • Increases re-treadability

NoMorePunctures Premium grade reduces flats by instantly and permanently sealing punctures up to 22mm in diameter within the tread area of the tyre. Designed for inner tubes and tubeless tyres.

Kevlar fibres hold the penetrating object in place to prevent further tyre damage

Through centrifugal force, NMP PREMIUM Tyre Sealant forms a protective gel layer over the entire interior of the tread


When a puncture occurs, Kevlar fibres between 2mm and 24mm in length instantly build a plug at the puncture site. NMP PREMIUM will seal around the penetrating object. It is recommended to remove the object for our sealant to create a complete seal.

The NMP advantage: Our unique formulation requires a lower tyre dosage compared to any other sealant on the market.

Built with Kevlar for the strongest repairs


NMP PREMIUM is specially designed to prevent flats by sealing punctures in tube and tubeless tyres of heavy-duty, slow-moving vehicles. This unique, environmentally friendly, wheel safe* formulation instantly and permanently seals tyre punctures in tube and tubeless tyres.

When a puncture occurs, air pressure forces the fibres into the opening. The kevlar fibres latch onto the rubber at the puncture site, while additional fibres of varying lengths form a cross hatched plug. These ceramic plugs remain flexible, and can stretch with the tye during diverse conditions (i.e., low inflation, full load, empty load).

NMP PREMIUM will seal punctures up to 22mm in diameter of the object that creates the puncture. Larger punctures, beads, and sidewalls are often sealed as well.

Specially formulated for the OTR industry, this wheel safe* formulation will last the life of the tyre.

Reach maximum productivity and return higher yields

All NMP tyre sealants and conditioners contain a proprietary formulation of corrosion inhibitors that will keep wheels and fittings protected and clean.

  • Seals tread punctures up to 24mm in diameter
  • Designed for inner tube and tubeless tyres
  • Specially designed for off-road vehicles & equipment
  • Protects wheels and rims from corrosion
  • Keeps bead area pliable
  • Saves casings by making dismounting easier
  • Keeps inner liner supple
  • Increases tread and tyre life
  • Freeze protection to -31°C
  • Eliminates rust on rims and wheels
  • Will not block valve stems
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Water soluble

Kevlar fibre technology: NoMorePunctures products are South Africa's only tyre sealants which use Kevlar fibre based formulations. Unlike those of other sealants, this plug never washes away and is permanent.

Savings: Our sealants slash downtime due to flat tyres, saving our customers thousands of rands in repair costs and man hours each year.

Versatile: Tubeless and inner tube tyre sealant. One of the only glycol based sealants designed for inner tubes with the advantage of never drying or balling up.

All Sealtite products are available in the following pack sizes (Larger volumes attract discounted prices)

  • 1 Litre DIY bottles
  • 25 Litre Pails
  • 200 Litre Drums
  • 1 000 Litre Flowbins

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