Tyre Sealant Installation Pumps and Instructions

Tyre sealant is inserted in one of two ways. It can either be poured directly into the tyre carcass before the tyre is mounted onto the rim, or pumped into the tyre through the valve using a high pressure tyre sealant pump.

The first method is the least common, as the pump is an easy and effective way to apply sealant into a tyre. Each pump is calibrated to administer a set volume per stroke.

Our stainless steel hand pumps have measurements to allow for careful control and management of tyre dosage.

tyre sealant pump

Applying and installing tyre sealant using the stainless steel tyre sealant hand pump (as pictured above).

After purchasing your steel tyre sealant pump and assembled it, you are now ready to install your sealant

  1. Once assembled, attach the pump to the drum by screwing the bung adapter on the pump into the neck of the drum.
  2. Prime the pump until sealant flows to the end of the pump hose or just to the end of the valve clip.
  3. Once the sealant has reached the end of the pumps tubing at the valve clip, you are now ready to apply the sealant into the tyre.
  4. Using the bundled valve core remover, unscrew and remove the valve core pin. As it is removed you will need to attach the pumps hose onto the tyre valve. Try to do this as quickly as possible to prevent air loss. The end of the pumps hose is a clip type fastener and is easily connected to the valve.
  5. Once connected, you may start pumping the correct volume of sealant into the tyre. Please refer to the relevant dosage chart to find the recommended volume per tyre. Each stroke administers 250ml (1/4 litre).
  6. Once the recommended volume has been injected, you can now remove the hose and replace the valve pin. Again, this should be done relatively quickly to prevent excess air loss. Losing air is not crucial provided there is a generator available to re-inflate post installation.

Here at NoMorePunctures, we have a bottling process which involves dispensing tyre sealant from larger containers and drums into the smaller 1 litre bottles and 5 litre jerry cans that you see on retail shelves. For all our decanting we use the Ezi-action series of drum pumps to solve the process of transferring from larger bins, drums and containers into smaller bottles. They are brilliantly simple and extremely effective and affordable. Capable of dispensing very high viscosity, (therefore tyre sealant is not a problem and even our more viscous grades) quickly and easily.

These pumps can also be used for application of sealant into a tyre and are ideal for home use installation from our 5 litre or 25 litre drum. The only difference being that the pumps are not designed to handle high pressure such as our stainless steel hand pumps.