Ultraseal™ is the industry leading tyre sealant that fixes punctures, permanently and instantly

Ultraseal is a tyre puncture protection and maintenance sealant system. Ultraseal is a non-latex glycol solution that is water soluble and environmentally friendly. The heavy duty fibres and rubber particles make up the fibrous sealing compounds. One application lasts the life of the tyre and is non-corrosive

  • Instant and permanent puncture repair
  • Significantly lowers tyre temperatures
  • Affordable and easily installed
  • Promotes uniform tread wear
  • Eliminates all air loss, preventing porosity and bead leaks
  • Approved and tested by all leading tyre manufacturers
  • SABS tested

Tyres are an expense, we them last longer.

Ultraseal, the world's best tyre sealant and tyre life extender, proven over 40 years and represented in over 150 countries, with many benefits. Extends tyre life and Guaranteed to last the legal tread life of the tyre!

Designed for both tubeless and tube tyres

We have an Ultraseal product for any application

Light Vehicles

Feel safe in the knowledge your family is secure.

Never worry about losing control and
stability from a sudden puncture or blowout.

Save money on fuel and tyre costs


Heavy Vehicles

Ensure that your equipment is in the field, not the workshop

For large trucks, trailers and equipment and OTR applications where maximum protection is required

Creating up-time and eliminating downtime

Ultraseal's Extreme Heavy Dutyseals punctures up to 20mm in heavy machinary

Recreational Vehicles

Reduce your towing risk now

Never come back to a flat in your caravan or trailer

Dont get stuck in a harsh remote environment with a flat tyre

Fleet Operations

Minimise disruptions to ongoing, time sensitive operations

Reduce tyre replacement and repair
maintenance costs

Cooler running tyres mean greater chance of retread

Proven to reduce your fleet fuel and tyre costs

Retards tyre rot and casing degradation

Watch the 50 second video of how Ultraseal works

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Instant Permanent Seal

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