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Spare Wheel Lock

Spare Wheel Lock Products for every Vehicle

We stock a range of specialised spare wheel locks for all vehicle types. The spare wheel lock can be fitted to your vehicle despite of where your spare wheel is.

Our wheel locks are imported directly from overseas with a history of quality and awards. Theft proof and weather proof, our wheel locks are OE certified for vehicle makes such as Toyota, Nissan, Ford and Izuzu.

The wheel lock can be customised to any colour, this is most commonly done to match the paintwork of your vehicle. This is an outsourced service that is not done by NoMorePunctures. We facilitate the process which attracts a 5% fee.

The product is finished with a Teflon coating to prevent scratching and weathering such as rust and oxidisation. The lock’s rubber seals ensures no dirt and water get in.

Simply installed and secured to the chassis of your vehicle, the wheel lock can be removed at any time.

Tried and trusted, the lock has been put through tantamount series of tests and has come out victorious every time. This lock is 100% secure and tamper proof.

Built strong and reliable, the lock will never fail thanks to it’s pneumatic patented locking mechanism.

All our locks come with a lifetime warranty and 4 year limited mechanical guarantee.