Logistics and Haulage

Ultimate tyre maintenance and puncture sealing solution for fleets

PROVEN to achieve a cost reduction in fleets. Reduce your costs in downtime, stop punctures as they happen, achieving a permanent puncture repair. Our sealants extend tyre life by retaining air pressure, promoting heat reduction, minimising tyre wear and reducing fuel consumption. Our tyre sealants can be used on all size fleet vehicles, are environmentally friendly and provide the driver with an extra safety factor.

Eliminate Downtime

Eliminate Downtime

Active tyre maintenance and protection ensures no tyre related downtime or accidental tyre problems

Lower Fuel Consumption

Lower Fuel Consumption

Optimum tyre pressure and temperatures provide efficient fuel consumption figures

Enhanced Safety

Enhanced Safety

The reduced chance of a blow-out or punctures result in less risk of an accident

Reduced Tyre Costs

Reduced Tyre Costs

Lower temperatures and correct pressure leads to reduced wear and less replacements

When time is of the Essence

Logistics Fleet2

Line Fleet



Truck Horse and Trailer

Truck Horse and Trailer

Truck Trailer




Logistics Fleet2

Line Fleet 2

Logistics Grade


20mm sealing capacity

20mm Sealing Diameter

Propylene Glycol

Tyre Sensor Safe

Hydro-dynamically balances tyres

DIY installation

Environmentally friendly

Corrosion Inhibitor

Indefinite Shelf Life

Water Soluble

Non Toxic

Non Flammable

Protection against

Nails and Screws

Small Bolts



Industry Grade Tyre Sealants and Puncture Resistant Solutions

Dominate your world! The strongest tyre sealants for the strongest applications

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