Mining and Construction

Heavy Duty Mining and Construction Tyre Sealant

Increase the safety of your staff and vehicles. Reduce expensive downtime and tyre breakdown cost. Our glycol based sealants remain effective for the complete life of the tyre, without having to undergo extra maintenance. Extend your tyre life, protect from leakage and all too common punctures.

Reduced costly downtime

Reduced Downtime

Actively seals large punctures permanently and instantly for optimum production

Decreased tyre maintenance costs

Decreased tyre repair costs

Our Glycol sealants promote a healthier tyre for increased re-treadability and re-casing

Improved strength and capability

Improved strength

Lightweight Kevlar fibres provide the strongest sealing capability without compromising mobility

Cost effective and functional

Cost effective

Low cost puncture solution that lasts the life of the tyre and is extremely simple to install

Maximum Protection in the Extremes!

Mining Articulator


Mining Dumper


Mining Excavator


Mining Forklift


Mining Handler


Mining Loader


Mining Grade


26mm sealing capacity

26mm Sealing Diameter

Propylene Glycol

Kevlar Fibres

Low Weight

Easily Inserted

Corrosion Inhibitor

Indefinite Shelf Life

Water Soluble

Environmentally friendly

Non Toxic

Non Flammable

Protection against

Bolts, Nails & Screws


Steel Shards


Edged Concrete


Insertion instructions

Industry Grade Tyre Sealants and Puncture Resistant Solutions

Dominate your world! The strongest tyre sealants for the strongest applications

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