General Use Tyre Sealant (Not for Passenger Vehicles)

Our range of general use sealants are designed for use in bicycles, endurance offroad motorbikes, Big SUV's and light trucks. The lightest sealant yet that seals punctures up to 9mm in tubeless tyres. The advanced propylene glycol formulation maintains tyre pressures, automatically seals punctures, lowers tyre temperatures and extends tyre life.

Increased Safety

Increased Safety

The reduced chance of a blow-out and punctures result in less risk of an accident or being stranded

Fuel Saving

Fuel Saving

Optimum tyre pressure and temperatures provide the most efficient fuel consumption figures

Reduced Tyre Costs

Reduced Tyre Costs

Lower temperatures and correct pressure leads to reduced wear and less replacements

Time Saving

Time Saving

Active tyre maintenance and protection ensures no downtime and accidental tyre problems

Road grade puncture protection for

Road Cycling

Road Bicycles

High Speed Motorbikes


Car and SUV Trailers






General Use


12mm sealing capacity

12mm Sealing Diameter

Propylene Glycol

Tyre Sensor Safe

Hydro-dynamically balances tyres

DIY installation

Environmentally friendly

Corrosion Inhibitor

Indefinite Shelf Life

Water Soluble

Non Toxic

Non Flammable

Protection against

Nails and Screws

Small Bolts



Industry Grade Tyre Sealants and Puncture Resistant Solutions

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