About Us

About NoMorePunctures

NoMorePunctures was founded in 2006, realising the need in South Africa for a superior tyre sealant to handle South Africa’s unforgiving roads and environment, NoMorePunctures started identifying and testing various tyre sealants. We now stock and distribute only the highest quality tyre sealants on the market. NoMorePunctures are the leading tyre puncture prevention specialists in South Africa and have experience in all sizes of vehicles from bicycles to heavy mining equipment.

Our Mission

To be the ultimate tyre sealant experts, providing superior service, value and quality for all tyre sealant needs, offering the best and most advanced tyre sealants on the market.

Why Choose Us

NoMorePunctures distributes only the highest quality tyre sealants. We are experts in tyre sealants and their composition and we can identify the best tyre sealant to suit your needs. We do in house testing on all top tyre sealants and select only the sealants that meet NoMorePunctures high standards. NoMorePunctures offers unrivalled service and are the only tyre sealant experts distributing all top quality brands.

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